BCA's Strategy for Improving Services in Digitalization Banking Era

Oleh : Ilham Ageng Pangestu, Magister Management Technology President University | Rabu, 15 Mei 2024 - 19:30 WIB

Bank BCA
Bank BCA

INDUSTRY.co.id - In line with the development of the industry towards digital, various activities are starting to shift to follow existing developments. Technological innovations that make aspects of life easier have also spread to the financial world. One of the sectors leading to the industry 4.0 shift occurs in the banking sector.

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) encourages the digitalization of banking by issuing OJK Regulation No.12/POJK.03/2018 concerning the Implementation of Digital Banking Services by Commercial Banks, this regulation issued by the OJK states "digital banking services are electronic banking services that are developed by optimizing "Using customer data in order to serve customers more quickly, easily and according to their needs (customer experience) and can be done completely independently by the customer by paying attention to security aspects."

With this regulation from the OJK, banking businesses are starting to optimize the use of technology to improve their services.

PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk. one of the largest private banks in Indonesia is one of the banks that has implemented digital banking services. The many digital service innovations provided by BCA for its customers cannot be separated from their commitment to always be on the customer's side.

This commitment was seen when BCA became a hybrid bank, which is one of BCA's advantages in not only serving one segment, but all BCA customers from corporate, commercial to MSME and personal customers. Information technology applications are one of the factors in BCA's success in providing quality banking services and products, improving customer experience, and encouraging internal productivity. Information technology BCA utilizes technology effectively and efficiently to produce quality, reliable and safe banking products and services in line with the Bank's objectives accompanied by the implementation of a strong and comprehensive information technology risk management process.

Several digital banking innovations that BCA has implemented in the service process in branches and outside branches for customers:

1.  Digital CS

Services that make it easy for customers to carry out various Customer Service transactions in a self-service manner at certain locations. The types of services that can be provided at CS Digital include:

• Instant Card Replacement

• Application for replacement of Conventional Card

• Card printing for accounts opened via BCA mobile or myBCA

• m-BCA registration

• Individual KlikBCA Registration

• KeyBCA registration

• Submission of m-BCA Financial Activation

• Change in m-BCA status

• Changes in KlikBCA Individual status

2.  Internet Banking

BCA Internet Banking is an online banking service that makes it easy for customers to carry out banking transactions from home or anywhere using a computer or smartphone. This service offers many advantages, such as convenience, security and efficiency. Customers can use this service to carry out various banking transactions, such as inter-bank transfers, bill payments, credit purchases, and airplane ticket purchases. By using BCA Internet Banking, customers can save time and costs incurred when going to BCA branch offices.

3.  E-branch

eBranch BCA is an application that can be used by Users to fill in Online Forms and/or Reservations (Especially for eBranch Apps) before making transactions at branches.

4.  Online Investing Application (WELMA)

Features to invest and buy insurance products anytime and anywhere. Welma is here to make investing in Mutual Funds, Primary Market Bonds and Secondary Market Bonds easier through the myBCA application.

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