Veolia Water Technologies Establishes Asia Pacific Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur

Oleh : Candra Mata | Senin, 24 Juni 2019 - 21:05 WIB

Veolia - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Veolia Water Technologies, a leading solutions provider for both water and wastewater treatment, is pleased to announce the formation of its regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The move from Singapore comes as a response to accommodate a growing workforce, and to strengthen innovative partnerships with leading, regional industrial companies and local government authorities.

Last year, Veolia Water Technologies’ Asia Pacific business grew in significance, contributing 15% to the company’s 2018 global revenue. Furthermore, 12–15% of Veolia’s 1,100 Asia Pacific employees are based in Malaysia, with key management roles anchored in the Kuala Lumpur office.

“With its reliable infrastructure and central location in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur is a strategic location for our Asia Pacific headquarters,” commented Frédéric Théry, Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Water Technologies’ Asia Pacific division commented. “Coupled with the strong multi-lingual and multi-cultural local talent available in Malaysia, it will give us the edge, speed, and proximity to manage different countries’ unique needs across the region.”

The new office space reflects Veolia Water Technologies’ aim to further develop its presence in the region, to capture market growth, and to expand its footprint with a flexible range of technologies. The company plans to continue growing and building a capable team in the Kuala Lumpur office to offer the quality service that it has become synonymous with. Veolia is also working with local universities by providing input for the development of water and wastewater-related degree programmes, and by offering technical internships to undergraduates.

Datuk Zainal Amanshah, Chief Executive Officer of InvestKL said, “We would like to congratulate Veolia Water Technologies on the opening of its regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Veolia’s decision demonstrates its confidence in Kuala Lumpur’s proposition as the ideal hub to expand its footprint and strengthen its presence to serve the Asia Pacific region. We are delighted that Veolia will create numerous opportunities for our high skilled talents and we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.” 

Furthermore, Veolia Water Technologies is set to enter final phase of the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) sewage treatment plant project in Kuala Lumpur later this year — the first fully integrated commercial water reclaim project in Southeast Asia and one of Veolia’s most significant global references for sustainable development. Such initiatives underscore Veolia’s intentions to remain in the Asia Pacific in the long haul.

Théry concluded, “With Kuala Lumpur as the command post in Asia, we hope to foster closer collaboration among our teams in the region, better serve our regional customers, and to continue to deliver first-class results with our technologies, products, and service offerings.”

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